Brookside Winery Wedding

Martin and Fiona picked a beautiful day to tie the knot. Bella (our white Kombi) was ready to go all morning and couldn't wait to take the journey into the hills to Bickley Valley.

First stop was the groom’s parent’s house to grab the groomsmen and drop them to the venue of Brookside Winery. All looked smart and were in great spirits. Next trip was to collect the bridesmaids from just around the corner. Such amazing rolling country side, what a beautiful part of Perth!

A customary wait for the bride followed and then off to the ceremony. Bella and I waited through the nuptials and group photos. I suggested we move Bella into the vineyard for the bridal party photos. What a fantastic location and such a beautiful couple!

Thank you to Peter and Fay Fels for providing a brilliant backdrop to the wedding, in fact to any intimate wedding or function. They are also open for lunch so pay them visit if you can. Our Vintage Kombi felt at home in this environment.

We hope to be there again soon.

Brookside Winery.jpg

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